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Offering perfect business solutions effectively.


  • Intelligent OCR and ML technology
  • Intelligent quality check
  • Customizable data extracts
  • Configurable per needs
  • Large Output capability
  • Replaces redundant human activity
  • Auto run and report capability


  • A true tax search and extractor
  • Covers over 40 different states
  • Upto 60% of all countries covered
  • Customizable reports
  • Hyperlink capability
  • Auto run and report capability


  • One platform solution for abstracting
  • Intelligent bid and price quote
  • Auto assign abstractors basis rating
  • Auto tracking and auto-follow up
  • Large pool of abstractors
  • Auto run and report capability


  • Intelligent read & draw legals/easements
  • Auto hyperlinking of underlying docs
  • Colour codes easements
  • Overlays and embeds over map
  • Significant efficiency gain
  • Improved turn times on large easements


  • A true data extractor
  • Intelligent components detect
  • Level 2 Data analyser with layers
  • 8 gig dedicated memory for analysing
  • Large output capacity
  • Auto run and report capability


  • A true validation with various entities
  • High data security and safety
  • Intelligent discrepancy flagging
  • Check points for accuracy and validation
  • Integrates with various platforms
  • Customize checks basis needs and workflow
  • On Call | Email | Chat customer support
  • Reliable and transparent progress report


  • Adaptable technology for customization.
  • Collects detailed individual information.
  • Confirms accuracy through verification.
  • Securely manages and organizes documents.
  • Guarantees compliance with regulations.
  • Generates insightful reports and assists in decision-making.
  • Seamlessly integrates with HR systems.
  • Emphasizes security as a top priority.
  • Provides rapid digital checks without compromising quality.
  • Delivers transparent progress reports for easy tracking.
  • Offers real-time updates on case statuses.
  • Allows for convenient single or bulk downloads.

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